The service shows areas in Norway that are not directly affected by major infrastructure development. Areas without infrastructure development are located one kilometer or more from major infrastructure development such as roads, major power lines, watercourse etc. The data forming the basis of the maps are drawn from a number of national registers of intervention, municipalities, county etc.

The service includes updated status by 1988, 1998, 2003, 2008 and 2013. For more information, see the right menu.

wms example map

Layers in the service

Min scale Max scale GetLegendGraphic (WMS)
Areas without major infrastructure development per January 2013
Map Server Legend
1 km buffersone rundt inngrepsfri natur
Map Server Legend
Loss of INON 1988-2013
Map Server Legend
Loss of INON 1998-2013
Map Server Legend
Loss of INON 2003-2013
Map Server Legend
Loss of INON 2008-2013
Map Server Legend

Service type WMS

Technical platform

Service type WFS

Technical platform

Map solutions where the service is used

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Freely available for use when the following source is credited:
The Norwegian Environment Agency©INON.01.2013

Service changes

Date Change
3/20/2013 Oppdatering av data i kartlag
Update to INON 2013
11/1/2011 Nye spesifikasjoner for karttjeneste
The Map Service established on a new server platform based on Geoserver. New specifications for Url, servicenames and layernames.
11/10/2010 Ny målestokksterskel
Map scale limit changed to 1:1.500.000.
12/21/2009 Oppdatering av data i kartlag
Update to INON 2008
12/20/2009 Endring av navn på karttjeneste
Servicename changed from WMS_INON03 to WMS_INON
12/1/2004 Oppdatering av data i kartlag
Update to INON 2003
10/1/2002 WMS-tjeneste etablert
WMS-tjeneste etablert for INON1998

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