The map service displays areas of habitat types in Naturbase that have been adopted by the King in the Council of State as selected habitat types by the Nature Diversity Act § 52. The selected habitat types include the following categories:

  • Hay meadows

  • Mown bogs

  • Calcareous lakes

  • Calcareous lime forest

  • Hollow oaks

  • Coastal heath

Regulations and plans of action are located here. The regulations do not apply inside protected areas. The regulations also apply to areas that are not mapped.

wms example map

Layers in the service

Min scale Max scale GetLegendGraphic (WMS)
Map Server Legend
Calcareous lakes, areas symbolized as points for Map Scales below 1:100.000
Map Server Legend

Service type WMS

Technical platform
ArcGIS Server

Service type ArcGIS-Rest

Technical platform
ArcGIS Server

Map solutions where the service is used

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Service changes

Date Change
1/25/2019 Ny url og endret tjeneste
5/27/2015 Nytt kartlag lagt inn
Map layer Coastal heath added
1/21/2013 Nye felt og endrede feltnavn
New fields and field names added to layers.
11/1/2011 Nye spesifikasjoner for karttjeneste
The Map Service established on a new server platform based on ArcGIS Server. New specifications for Url, servicenames and layernames.
5/13/2011 WMS-karttjeneste etablert
Karttjenesten ble etablert i forbindelse med at utvalgte naturtyper ble vedtatt av Kongen i Statsråd 13.05.2011 etter naturmangfoldlovens § 52.

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