The dataset defines some specific restrictions applying to Protected Areas (see separate dataset). The restrictions only count for strict travel bans and aircrafts (planes and helicopters), and the time period they apply to. Possible exceptions to the regulation will have annotations.

Travel ban: This means general passage. Other regulation of special activities, like windsurfing, sailboard, boating, bicycling, camping, campfire, hunting etc. is NOT a part of the dataset.

Aircrafts: The regulation of take-off/landing and low flying are addressed. As Military aircrafts might have other restrictions than civil aircrafts, specific codes are used for the Military activities. Drones are NOT regarded as aircrafts.

Please note the full information on restrictions are only found in the legal regulation for each Protected Area. The Web address (URL) to is also part of this dataset.

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To produce this dataset, over 3000 regulations are interpreted and a lot of details are digitized. Some mistakes are probably present shortly after publication. If you discover some mistakes, we greatly appreciate if you tell us about it.