The dataset contains areas protected under the following laws: the Nature Diversity Act of 2009, Wildlife Act of 1981, Nature Conservation Act of 1970, Nature Conservation Act of 1954, law of Jan Mayen by 1930 and the Act on nature conservation by 1910. In addition, the areas protected under the following legislation on Svalbard: Svalbard Act of 1925 and the Svalbard Environmental Protection Act of 2002. The data includes the surface of terrestrial area as well as the marine area.

The dataset also provides access to the legal regulation applicable for each individual protected areas, by a link to the the webpages of Lovdata (

Protected areas are primarily established to protect biological, geological and landscape diversity and ecological processes. This is to be obtained through conservation and sustainable use, and in such a way that the environment provides a basis for human activity, culture, health and well-being, now and in the future, including a basis for Sami culture. The protected areas are managed either by the County Governors, the municipalities or by designated National Park Boards.

Protected areas, Svalbard and Jan Mayen
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The data model was changed in June 2018. Since then any object is published as an area. Former point objects has been transformed to small areas (circle) with radius 10 meters. These circular objects must be regarded as an indication of the designated area, and not as a legally binding border of the site.